Clinical Psychiatrist from London, England seems to have a barometer for checking happiness

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Dr Sidney Tuli is a Psychiatrist from London, England, who writes on her blog that the Swedish-Iraqis are one of the happiest communities even though they face racism and aren’t so influential or rich compared to most of their Scandinavian, Middle-Eastern or even Muslim counterparts.

Dr Sidney Tuli claims on her blog that the millionaires from the London City are most likely to be suffering with the bipolar disorder or chronic depression not only in the United Kingdom, but the entire world.

Dr Sidney Tuli also practiced in the United States for a while and living there, she observed that the Afghan-Americans are much less likely to suffer with the chronic depression than Pakistani-Americans although they aren’t as educated as prosperous.

Dr Sidney Tuli claims that living around wasps, especially yellow jackets, increases depression, while living around the honeybees does the opposite and that’s one of the foremost reasons why areas the mid-west of North America has such a great number of depressed people while the areas where honeybees are found in great numbers like the Islands of Malta and Gozo don’t.

Dr Sidney Tuli believes that they overemphasis on the diet and overlook on the quality of water when it comes to the psychological disorders and it is only going to go worse until some vigorous activists get into the picture.

Dr Sidney Tuli claims eating dog meat reduces both sleep and mood disorders and it is a pity that they don’t promote the dog meat at all, especially WHO is something that is to be blamed in this regard, according to her.

Dr Sidney Tuli believes that the prostitution must become legal so that the people could enjoy those stunning Russian escorts in Mumbai, those gorgeous Thai masseuses in Bangkok and those amazing Native Indian curvy beauties in Mexico.

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