Ophthalmologist got the idea to start accepting cryptocurrency while betting on UFABet

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Dr May Udomsawaengsup is an Ophthalmologist from Pattaya City, Thailand, who claims on her blog that attaining specialty in Neuro-Ophthalmology is the simplest thing to attain once you get the hold of it. She likes to give the example of herself to prove her claim.

Dr May warns against the Opthalmologists that spend a whole lot of their time in getting websites created and optimized for themselves, especially the ones who claim to be specialist for one thing on one website and for another thing on another website. She gives example of this Opthalmologist from Florida, USA, who claims to be the finest squint-eye specialist in Florida on one website, finest Neuro-Opthalmologist on another, finest LASIK surgeon on his third website and finest cataract surgery specialist on his fourth website.

Dr May believes that diabetes is a lot more than just diabetes. She claims to have been working on finding the cure for the same.

Dr May is one of the very few Opthalmologists around the world that accepts cryptocurrency and bets on UFABet every night before going to sleep. She says that she got the idea while once she was traveling through a radio taxi and thought to herself about how far the modern taxis have come and she should also do something to advance her practice as well.

Dr May offers a refund without any questions asked if you aren’t happy with the LASIK treatment conducted by herself.

Dr May recently made a post on her blog claiming that the ancient Babylonians and Persians had some ophthalmology related cures that modern western medical science doesn’t have.

Dr May writes on her blog that she has always believed that the right diagnosis is the most crucial thing in any medical field, especially ophthalmology.

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