Sold all her AliBaba Stonks and invested the same money in Italian Casino Betting

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Roberta Bianchi from Rome, Italy, is a full-time trader and gambler, who also happens to have a blog in the trading niche. She writes on her blog that she doesn’t trust the articles related to trading anymore since most of them made a fool out of her and thousands if not millions of others as well.

She sold all her AliBaba stocks in February, after hearing the news of coronavirus as she was able to speculate where it was all going to go quite early and invested most of the money on migliori carino online italiani and gave the remaining to her only sister to start a career as an escort in Goa.

Roberta used Think or Swim to play option calls in the past, she recently switched to WeBull to avoid fees.

Roberta used to look at the futures until the day she got tired of the advertisements on it.

Roberta has always been a Microsoft fan. She says that she bought 2 Apple Mac Laptops till date but neither lasted for over a year.

Roberta is also a huge fan of the club-alert. She says that she made enough money in 1 day from a club-alert to pay for Club House for many months, she adds that it is really worth it for the wealth of knowledge and tips that Top Traders give there. Additionally, since she joined, she has been able to look deeper into charts and pin-point patterns.

Roberta calls herself a quant. She writes on her blog that working for a larger fund in the past made her aware of the fact that TA only works because other people use it, she adds that it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. She also adds that TA is no skill; Trading profitably and consistently and having half the beta of the spy is what she refers to as skill.

Roberta writes that if you want a great long-term approach, just remember to buy great businesses with economic moats that have great management, but at a reasonable price.

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