Its the Indonesian PKV Games vs the US Elections

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Ahmad Khaldir from Medan, Indonesia, is a full-time chess player and part-time gambler, who believes the physical imitations of the real life chess makes the 1+0 game very hard.

Ahmad writes that for an average length game 3+0 online is roughly equal to 5+3 offline.

Ahmad writes that not a day has gone by in the past 6 years when he didn’t play chess while sipping coffee.

Ahmad believes people are too good for classical time controls nowadays.

Ahmad likes the idea of starting from 30r4 half moves deep as a tiebreaker in the real life tournaments just like they do in the computer tournaments.

Ahmad writes it is a pity that nobody in the US can think beyond the next election. He is proud of the fact that his countrymen think more about the pkv games than they do about the elections.

Ahmad writes the best strategy while playing chess is to understand how your opponent wants to play and push them out of their comfort zone.

Ahmad writes most online players and most speed players like tactics and like aggressive open positions.

Ahmad believes most people don’t understand that there’s more than just pure calculation , individual styles play a big role as well.

Ahmad plays mainly the French and Nimzo-Indian as Black but has been feeling unsatisfied with his White opening selection lately.

Ahmad has been playing the Queen’s gambit as White lately but has been considering changing because feels like the results against the Slav haven’t been what he wants.

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