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Eunice Canty from Tasmania, Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Blogger, who believes Justice Democrats are the future of every political party in the world.

Eunice thinks no British should support George Galloway.

Eunice writes Presidential Debates are damaging to the American Political Stability.

Eunice believes Canada is a better country than the USA and Australia is the best country of them all, just because it has things like Online Pokies Real Money in the most abundance.

Eunice believes in ‘Free Love’ and she has made several posts on her blog titled ‘Love is Cursed by the Monogamy’.

Eunice believes Toxic Transgenderism was never a thing.

Eunice writes anyone who says the Irish people are not White needs a mental treatment.

Eunice believes Cuba has no right to exist and the White people will be a minority in the America by 2030.

Eunice believes the Iberian Peninsula should return to its rightful owner – The Caliphate of Cordoba.

Eunice writes it is a pity that an Average American Adult doesn’t seem much concerned about the racial disparity in policing.

Eunice believes Britain should never apply to join the EU again and the Malta should call for an exit from EU as soon as possible.

Eunice believes social security is a ponzi scheme.

Eunice writes what a pity it is that when the Non-Americans talk to American on the phone, social media or anywhere they cannot see them, most of them automatically assume that they are obese.

Eunice doesn’t agree with the notion that “The Republic” is a fan fiction about Socrates.

Eunice s not sure whether Federal Reserve is really a force for good in America in the context of the pandemic.

Eunice writes it was selfish of Ruth Bender Ginsburg to not retire under Obama and roll the dice with her health under a Republican Presidency.

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