Political Analyst Donates Free Money To Her Govt To Reduce Their Foreign Debts

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Because war is a thing we are inherently scared of, so when a potentially aggressive nation gets provoked, there is a reason to believe war could happen.

Aida Marisha

Aida Marisha from Denpasar, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger who spends all his time pursuing his passion – politics, thanks to free money, who doesn’t agree with the mainstream articles posted everywhere during May of 2019 regarding Sri Lankan Foreign debts. She writes that instead of what the articles claim, the largest portion of Sri Lanka’s debt was international sovereign bonds, which amounted to 39 percent of the total foreign debt as of 2017. She writes these are commercial borrowings obtained from international capital markets since 2007, and such bonds have resulted in soaring debt servicing due to the nature of the debt; Unlike in concessionary loans obtained to carry out a specific development project, these commercial borrowings do not have a long payback period or the option of payment in small instalments. She adds when sovereign bonds mature, it results in a significant increase of external debt servicing costs, as the entire face value of the bond should be paid once as opposed to paying instalments for concessionary loans.

Authoritarianism is the spawn of keeping the people complacent and controllable with limiting corporation.

Aida Marsha

Aida believes the documents that claim during one five-month US drone operation, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets.

If it is just a war, the government should censor. If it is an unjust war, the government should not censor, problem solved.

Aida Marisha

Aida agrees with her President Joko Widodo’s China Foreign Policy but not his domestic policy. As Joko had direct experience with Chinese Trade Policy, so she trusts him more on his direct experience rather than his speculation about the internal affairs of a country he is only speculating on and the part where he speculates about China’s Domestic Policy is not the main point of his talk.

Aida believes there’s a difference between Cultural Relativism and Moral Relativism:- Cultural Relativism is just a tool in Anthropology that recognizes that different people have different beliefs and values.

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