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A person’s class is more important than their race.

York Austin

York Austin from Incheon, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who claims Iran will win a war against the USA.

Joe Biden is definitely the most moderate candidate in American history.

York Austin

York writes wearing a Kippah in the public should be banned globally except in Israel due to the Anti-Semitic attacks.

Israel should annex the West Bank as planned, as soon as possible.

York Austin

York writes the replication crisis poses a legitimate threat to reputation of science in society and hence the replication crisis ought to be solved.

People diagnosed with mental illnesses should be allowed in combat positions in the military.

York Austin

York rejects Whiggish perspectives of history as invalid.

Things can only have meaning if they are verifiable.

York Austin

York writes food is the most overrated, and their gambling style is the most underrated part of a culture.

National Sports Team and Online Slot Machine (온라인 슬롯머신) should be sponsored by the governments.

York Austin

York spends one hour a day dissing those who believe mixed-race marriages should be banned by the state. He writes the America is made up of a unified culture and identity, hence the Americans must show more respect for the mixed-race marriages.

The pursuit of Nationalism is more trouble than its worth.

York Austin

York doesn’t support “origin labels” that force companies to tell consumers whether the components in their products are sourced domestically. He writes origin labels are too outdated now, and the government and companies together should come up with something that is easier on the government, companies and customers.

York believes in the context of our current times, saving the economy is more important than saving human lives. He also believes human rights should be a required condition when countries want to apply as potential hosts for major sporting events.

York writes it is a false notion the the war drives innovation. He believes innovation would be far better in the absence of wars.

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