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Kagami Okimoto from Kawasaki, Japan, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks Spotify’s decision to sign a contract with Joe Rogan and expand on to new markets will seriously change its share on music streaming market.

Kagami thinks America should have open borders with Mexico but not with any of its other neighbours, including Canada.

Kagami believes essential medical supplies should be VAT-exempt . She also supports a tax on unhealthy food.

Online gambling is a legitimate way to make money.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami doesn’t believe the official version of Roswell incident.

Kagami believes Global Nuclear War is inevitable in the near future.

Kagami doesn’t agree with those who say Muslim immigrants in Europe could be compared to the medieval invaders.

Kagami thinks Ireland should join NATO and get more involved in Geopolitics.

Kagami believes there is no better job than being a government bureaucrat and there is no better business than making money full-time with sports betting, you just need to discover the right sports betting industry news website, she adds.

Kagami thinks the right to bear arms should be a privilege instead of being a right.

Seems as if YouTube played again with its algorithm. Probably for the good this time. Many of the David Icke videos showing up now after you search for him on the YouTube which wouldn’t show up till about a month ago. I think the founders and chiefs at Google Inc do not want the NWO to become a reality. They are just pressurized to do what they have been doing for a while now. They have got no other choice. Perhaps it has to do with the vaccine being out already.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami believes it is very possible to objectively calculate the value of human life.

Kagami is not in the favor of Finland joining NATO.

As soon as the Conservatives started whining about private businesses requiring their customers wear masks, it was quite clear that the only freedom they care about is not catering to the masses.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami doesn’t agree with those who think cancel culture is a form of bullying and political correctness is a force for good.

I would never vote for a president with a running mate from an opposing/alternate party.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami thinks Paparazzi should be banned and the Indian government must make Delhi escort services tax-free.