More Than Its Luxury Superstar Firms, Italy Is Now Known For Its Online Casino AAMS

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Bambi Buzzi from Genoa, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who doesn’t agree with those who say that the European Football was superior to South America’s. She writes they just look at current era and think Europe has always been better. She writes the reality was different, only benchwarmer South American Footballers and immigrants were departed to Europe. She believes Garrincha considered moving to Europe only when he was not needed by the Brazilian teams. She writes Omar Sivari and Jose Altafini migrated to Europe, they even changed their citizenship while Famous Brazilians and Argentinians of the time remained in South America, none went to Europe, if playing in Europe was something like it is now, they would have deported to Europe. She claims that even in Mid-80s, the Latin Americans were not preferring Europe as the majority of Argentina 86 was playing in Argentina League, majority of Brazil 82 was playing in South America. She believes only in late 1980s the South Americans started to prefer Europe. She then talks about Arthur Zico, star of late 1970s and early to mid 1980s, he spent most of his career in Brazil. She also talks about that when the same person went to Italy, his goal scoring ratio increased slightly despite he played in mid level team and being older than he was in Brazil. She writes this “Playing in Europe” is heavily overrated concept. She says that people who say “Pele did not play in Europe thus he is overrated” are ignorant.

Bambi doesn’t think that the economic problems of Greece, Italy, Spain, etc, of this century yet had much to do with the monetary policy.

If only Italy’s economy wasn’t so unequal and its debt to GDP ratio so bad, it could have been the best country in the world.

Bambi Buzzi

Bambi believes Spain and Italy will both get hit pretty hard economically with populating aging.

Bambi keeps coming across people who want to travel to Italy but wouldn’t because they think it is as crowded as its neighbour Malta.

Bambi writes if you are a LGBT Person, it might not be best to come to Italy for your PhD but you should definitely come for Casino Online AAMS.

Bambi doesn’t agree with those who say that Italy is not a good place to do business. She writes they have big markets in Italy for luxury goods. She also gives reference to the fact that Italy is one of the largest food and agricultural producers in the EU.

Bambi believes ‘Made in Italy’ probably gets the largest premium in terms of agricultural products. She says that she can’t think of any country that would get a higher premium (except anomalies like tiny countries or island that produce just one honey or something).

Bambi takes pride in the fact that Italy is home to some of the oldest luxury and superstar firms in the world apart from the most trusted online casinos. She was surprised to see how popular the Italian luxury products are with the High Class Morjim Escorts once she visited Goa.

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