Pro-Pakistani Malaysian Blogger Donates A Good Deal Of His Winning Money To The Pakistani Army

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Sohail Ilyasi from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who hates the fact that the only nuclear power in the Islamic World – Pakistan has excellent relations with Turkey and there is a very positive opinion about the Turks and Turkey amongst the Pakistanis. He writes that all the top trusted Malaysian casinos’ regular players that he is well-familiar don’t even care about the issue so that they can have more space in their brain to worry about their winning goals.

Turks aren’t an ideal state to be ruled by, I would rather choose the most incompetent Arab ruler over the most glorified Turk to rule over the nation called Turkey.

Sohail Ilyasi

What the British, French, Soviets and Americans did in Iran which culminated in a changing of the status quo in 1953 only for the latter to put back the same individual back in power. As far as I am concerned, the West destroyed a democratic Iran in 1953 which fostered present day Iran that we all know. They did so in order to monitor potential recruitments and murder them, which was a Cataclysmic failure on the part of the US. They were defeated and forced out. They created a perfect example of why it would be better for you to not turn people into terrorists in the first place.

Sohail Ilyasi

Sohail Ilyasi calls the Shias living in Saudi Arabia a bunch of thankless people to all the privileges they have been given. He writes if any people in the Gulf Cooperation Council were to be worthy of a revolt, it would be the South Asian expatriates who are disastrously oppressed by these same privileged Arab men. He writes that these South Asian Expatriates save all year just to be able to visit a Morjim escort once a year, but most of them still can’t. He doesn’t agree with those who say that the Shias living in Saudi Arabia can find a middle ground with the Arabs as Shias have had major issues while being in the Gulf.

Sohail writes that he lived in Bahrain for a good time and he never known any Shia having issues in Bahrain, but one thing he knows is that some of them are having few minor issues while living in the Arab world. He further writes that although the government is still tolerating them and giving them all the privileges, the only thing they can’t do is get jobs in government sectors like the police and military, but other than that, they can apply anywhere, everywhere and are preferred more than the expats. And according to him, the Shia uprising in the Gulf translates as Iran trying to further its expansion.

From Sohail’s Palestinian friend’s point of view, he writes that to make peach with the oppressor now would mean that the oppressor isn’t being held accountable for their actions. He believes it is basically the equivalent of the Soviets forming a truce to divide Western Russia with the Nazis instead of kicking them out or China doing the same with Japan in the 1940s or the Germans making peace with the French in 1870 instead of defeating them.

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