Pro-Pakistani Malaysian Blogger Donates A Good Deal Of His Winning Money To The Pakistani Army

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Sohail Ilyasi from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who hates the fact that the only nuclear power in the Islamic World – Pakistan has excellent relations with Turkey and there is a very positive opinion about the Turks and Turkey amongst the Pakistanis. He writes that all the top trusted Malaysian casinos’ regular players that he is well-familiar don’t even care about the issue so that they can have more space in their brain to worry about their winning goals.

Turks aren’t an ideal state to be ruled by, I would rather choose the most incompetent Arab ruler over the most glorified Turk to rule over the nation called Turkey.

Sohail Ilyasi

What the British, French, Soviets and Americans did in Iran which culminated in a changing of the status quo in 1953 only for the latter to put back the same individual back in power. As far as I am concerned, the West destroyed a democratic Iran in 1953 which fostered present day Iran that we all know. They did so in order to monitor potential recruitments and murder them, which was a Cataclysmic failure on the part of the US. They were defeated and forced out. They created a perfect example of why it would be better for you to not turn people into terrorists in the first place.

Sohail Ilyasi

Sohail Ilyasi calls the Shias living in Saudi Arabia a bunch of thankless people to all the privileges they have been given. He writes if any people in the Gulf Cooperation Council were to be worthy of a revolt, it would be the South Asian expatriates who are disastrously oppressed by these same privileged Arab men. He writes that these South Asian Expatriates save all year just to be able to visit a Morjim escort once a year, but most of them still can’t. He doesn’t agree with those who say that the Shias living in Saudi Arabia can find a middle ground with the Arabs as Shias have had major issues while being in the Gulf.

Sohail writes that he lived in Bahrain for a good time and he never known any Shia having issues in Bahrain, but one thing he knows is that some of them are having few minor issues while living in the Arab world. He further writes that although the government is still tolerating them and giving them all the privileges, the only thing they can’t do is get jobs in government sectors like the police and military, but other than that, they can apply anywhere, everywhere and are preferred more than the expats. And according to him, the Shia uprising in the Gulf translates as Iran trying to further its expansion.

From Sohail’s Palestinian friend’s point of view, he writes that to make peach with the oppressor now would mean that the oppressor isn’t being held accountable for their actions. He believes it is basically the equivalent of the Soviets forming a truce to divide Western Russia with the Nazis instead of kicking them out or China doing the same with Japan in the 1940s or the Germans making peace with the French in 1870 instead of defeating them.

More Than Its Luxury Superstar Firms, Italy Is Now Known For Its Online Casino AAMS

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Bambi Buzzi from Genoa, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who doesn’t agree with those who say that the European Football was superior to South America’s. She writes they just look at current era and think Europe has always been better. She writes the reality was different, only benchwarmer South American Footballers and immigrants were departed to Europe. She believes Garrincha considered moving to Europe only when he was not needed by the Brazilian teams. She writes Omar Sivari and Jose Altafini migrated to Europe, they even changed their citizenship while Famous Brazilians and Argentinians of the time remained in South America, none went to Europe, if playing in Europe was something like it is now, they would have deported to Europe. She claims that even in Mid-80s, the Latin Americans were not preferring Europe as the majority of Argentina 86 was playing in Argentina League, majority of Brazil 82 was playing in South America. She believes only in late 1980s the South Americans started to prefer Europe. She then talks about Arthur Zico, star of late 1970s and early to mid 1980s, he spent most of his career in Brazil. She also talks about that when the same person went to Italy, his goal scoring ratio increased slightly despite he played in mid level team and being older than he was in Brazil. She writes this “Playing in Europe” is heavily overrated concept. She says that people who say “Pele did not play in Europe thus he is overrated” are ignorant.

Bambi doesn’t think that the economic problems of Greece, Italy, Spain, etc, of this century yet had much to do with the monetary policy.

If only Italy’s economy wasn’t so unequal and its debt to GDP ratio so bad, it could have been the best country in the world.

Bambi Buzzi

Bambi believes Spain and Italy will both get hit pretty hard economically with populating aging.

Bambi keeps coming across people who want to travel to Italy but wouldn’t because they think it is as crowded as its neighbour Malta.

Bambi writes if you are a LGBT Person, it might not be best to come to Italy for your PhD but you should definitely come for Casino Online AAMS.

Bambi doesn’t agree with those who say that Italy is not a good place to do business. She writes they have big markets in Italy for luxury goods. She also gives reference to the fact that Italy is one of the largest food and agricultural producers in the EU.

Bambi believes ‘Made in Italy’ probably gets the largest premium in terms of agricultural products. She says that she can’t think of any country that would get a higher premium (except anomalies like tiny countries or island that produce just one honey or something).

Bambi takes pride in the fact that Italy is home to some of the oldest luxury and superstar firms in the world apart from the most trusted online casinos. She was surprised to see how popular the Italian luxury products are with the High Class Morjim Escorts once she visited Goa.

Top Bureaucrats Stay Updated With The Sports Betting Industry News

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Kagami Okimoto from Kawasaki, Japan, is a Political Thinker and Blogger, who thinks Spotify’s decision to sign a contract with Joe Rogan and expand on to new markets will seriously change its share on music streaming market.

Kagami thinks America should have open borders with Mexico but not with any of its other neighbours, including Canada.

Kagami believes essential medical supplies should be VAT-exempt . She also supports a tax on unhealthy food.

Online gambling is a legitimate way to make money.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami doesn’t believe the official version of Roswell incident.

Kagami believes Global Nuclear War is inevitable in the near future.

Kagami doesn’t agree with those who say Muslim immigrants in Europe could be compared to the medieval invaders.

Kagami thinks Ireland should join NATO and get more involved in Geopolitics.

Kagami believes there is no better job than being a government bureaucrat and there is no better business than making money full-time with sports betting, you just need to discover the right sports betting industry news website, she adds.

Kagami thinks the right to bear arms should be a privilege instead of being a right.

Seems as if YouTube played again with its algorithm. Probably for the good this time. Many of the David Icke videos showing up now after you search for him on the YouTube which wouldn’t show up till about a month ago. I think the founders and chiefs at Google Inc do not want the NWO to become a reality. They are just pressurized to do what they have been doing for a while now. They have got no other choice. Perhaps it has to do with the vaccine being out already.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami believes it is very possible to objectively calculate the value of human life.

Kagami is not in the favor of Finland joining NATO.

As soon as the Conservatives started whining about private businesses requiring their customers wear masks, it was quite clear that the only freedom they care about is not catering to the masses.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami doesn’t agree with those who think cancel culture is a form of bullying and political correctness is a force for good.

I would never vote for a president with a running mate from an opposing/alternate party.

Kagami Okimoto

Kagami thinks Paparazzi should be banned and the Indian government must make Delhi escort services tax-free.

Food Is The Most Overrated And Gambling Style Is The Most Underrated Part Of A Culture – York Austin

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A person’s class is more important than their race.

York Austin

York Austin from Incheon, South Korea, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who claims Iran will win a war against the USA.

Joe Biden is definitely the most moderate candidate in American history.

York Austin

York writes wearing a Kippah in the public should be banned globally except in Israel due to the Anti-Semitic attacks.

Israel should annex the West Bank as planned, as soon as possible.

York Austin

York writes the replication crisis poses a legitimate threat to reputation of science in society and hence the replication crisis ought to be solved.

People diagnosed with mental illnesses should be allowed in combat positions in the military.

York Austin

York rejects Whiggish perspectives of history as invalid.

Things can only have meaning if they are verifiable.

York Austin

York writes food is the most overrated, and their gambling style is the most underrated part of a culture.

National Sports Team and Slot Online Machines should be sponsored by the governments.

York Austin

York spends one hour a day dissing those who believe mixed-race marriages should be banned by the state. He writes the America is made up of a unified culture and identity, hence the Americans must show more respect for the mixed-race marriages.

The pursuit of Nationalism is more trouble than its worth.

York Austin

York doesn’t support “origin labels” that force companies to tell consumers whether the components in their products are sourced domestically. He writes origin labels are too outdated now, and the government and companies together should come up with something that is easier on the government, companies and customers.

York believes in the context of our current times, saving the economy is more important than saving human lives. He also believes human rights should be a required condition when countries want to apply as potential hosts for major sporting events.

York writes it is a false notion the the war drives innovation. He believes innovation would be far better in the absence of wars.

Political Analyst Donates Free Money To Her Govt To Reduce Their Foreign Debts

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Because war is a thing we are inherently scared of, so when a potentially aggressive nation gets provoked, there is a reason to believe war could happen.

Aida Marisha

Aida Marisha from Denpasar, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger who spends all his time pursuing his passion – politics, thanks to free money, who doesn’t agree with the mainstream articles posted everywhere during May of 2019 regarding Sri Lankan Foreign debts. She writes that instead of what the articles claim, the largest portion of Sri Lanka’s debt was international sovereign bonds, which amounted to 39 percent of the total foreign debt as of 2017. She writes these are commercial borrowings obtained from international capital markets since 2007, and such bonds have resulted in soaring debt servicing due to the nature of the debt; Unlike in concessionary loans obtained to carry out a specific development project, these commercial borrowings do not have a long payback period or the option of payment in small instalments. She adds when sovereign bonds mature, it results in a significant increase of external debt servicing costs, as the entire face value of the bond should be paid once as opposed to paying instalments for concessionary loans.

Authoritarianism is the spawn of keeping the people complacent and controllable with limiting corporation.

Aida Marsha

Aida believes the documents that claim during one five-month US drone operation, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets.

If it is just a war, the government should censor. If it is an unjust war, the government should not censor, problem solved.

Aida Marisha

Aida agrees with her President Joko Widodo’s China Foreign Policy but not his domestic policy. As Joko had direct experience with Chinese Trade Policy, so she trusts him more on his direct experience rather than his speculation about the internal affairs of a country he is only speculating on and the part where he speculates about China’s Domestic Policy is not the main point of his talk.

Aida believes there’s a difference between Cultural Relativism and Moral Relativism:- Cultural Relativism is just a tool in Anthropology that recognizes that different people have different beliefs and values.

Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme and Australia has the Best Poker Websites – Eunice Canty

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Eunice Canty from Tasmania, Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Blogger, who believes Justice Democrats are the future of every political party in the world.

Eunice thinks no British should support George Galloway.

Eunice writes Presidential Debates are damaging to the American Political Stability.

Eunice believes Canada is a better country than the USA and Australia is the best country of them all, just because it has things like Online Pokies Real Money in the most abundance.

Eunice believes in ‘Free Love’ and she has made several posts on her blog titled ‘Love is Cursed by the Monogamy’.

Eunice believes Toxic Transgenderism was never a thing.

Eunice writes anyone who says the Irish people are not White needs a mental treatment.

Eunice believes Cuba has no right to exist and the White people will be a minority in the America by 2030.

Eunice believes the Iberian Peninsula should return to its rightful owner – The Caliphate of Cordoba.

Eunice writes it is a pity that an Average American Adult doesn’t seem much concerned about the racial disparity in policing.

Eunice believes Britain should never apply to join the EU again and the Malta should call for an exit from EU as soon as possible.

Eunice believes social security is a ponzi scheme.

Eunice writes what a pity it is that when the Non-Americans talk to American on the phone, social media or anywhere they cannot see them, most of them automatically assume that they are obese.

Eunice doesn’t agree with the notion that “The Republic” is a fan fiction about Socrates.

Eunice s not sure whether Federal Reserve is really a force for good in America in the context of the pandemic.

Eunice writes it was selfish of Ruth Bender Ginsburg to not retire under Obama and roll the dice with her health under a Republican Presidency.

An evil person can be recognized by his/her hate for the sunlight and a rich one by his/her love for Sports News Updates

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Nancy Davis recently opened the first Bollywood themed restaurant on the island of Malta and Gozo. Nancy is a proud owner of a toothpaste company and a face wash company both of which have always earned her good profits but it was betting on SBO that made Nancy aware of how much profit can betting online shrewdly with the help of expert blogs like 123footballfocus can earn you.

Nancy is a huge fan of the motivational speaker – Les Brown and just like him Nancy never knew her parents. Nancy says that if it weren’t for Les Brown, she wouldn’t know how to stand firm in hard times.

Nancy is a hardcore catholic who says that Fatima predicted that the moon will collapse with the earth if the sins of the flesh keep growing like they were during the time when Fatima appeared on earth. Nancy believes that the earth will soon be destroyed and we are living in the end times and that’s the biggest reason why Nancy hasn’t married yet and she is never going to have babies because she cannot imagine the earth getting destroyed altogether while her kids are still on it.

Nancy’s best friend is a Russian who told Nancy that Putin has took an oath to make Lada bigger than Toyota by 2025. This friend of Nancy also told her that she believes that Rasputin’s predictions are true and one of those is that there will be no boundaries of nations on earth by 2100. Nancy herself believes that earth will no longer be existent by 2100.

Nancy says that she has met several people throughout her life and different types of them. Nancy says that an evil man/woman can be identified with his/her love for the darkness and hatred for the sunlight.

Here is a message to you India – put a full stop to the godman business and start making money with online gambling

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Pierre Virgilio has been making several continuous attempts to reorganize and redesign a new religion which he claims will end all the different religions of the world and make the earth a better place.

Pierre has been unable to understand how and why the government of India has been unable to put a full-stop on the godman business in India. Pierre says that it is as ever-growing as always in India even after the exposure and arrest of so many godmans in India.

Pierre has written so many articles on his blogs exposing what used to go in the ashrams of Sant Rampal, Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Asaram Bapu, Falahari Baba, Datti Maharaj, Narayan Sai and others.

I must say that Pierre has some courage as she started his own business after learning how to make money with one of the best gambling websites (chudjen bet) irrespective of the frightful consequences.

Pierre is a graduate in mechanical science and engineering but his degree and educational background didn’t help him much to make a fortune which he is now the owner of.

Pierre grew up in a catholic home but he himself turned into an apatheist at the age of 20. Pierre still has a huge respect for Jesus and loves him for everything that he did except proclaiming that he is the son of the god. Pierre doubts whether he ever said that, Pierre says that it was most likely the 12 apostles who popularized the rumor that Jesus is the son of the Yahweh or god himself, Pierre also doubts that the apostles first tried to convert people without claiming that Jesus is the son of the god but a messiah sent by the god and finding that they were unable to convert anyone with this message turned to the idea of claiming that Jesus was the son of the god.

Controversial Kanchanaburi Chiropractor loves to engage in Baccarat Online Communities

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Dr Tae Nahn is a Chiropractor from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, who received a lot of criticism when he claimed on his blog that the people who live on higher altitudes are lesser likely to have any spinal problems in their later lives. He even added that he hadn’t seen a single case of Kyphosis in his 15 years of practice among any young, middle-aged or older person.

Dr Tae Nahn is not new to getting criticism both online and offline. He got a lot of it when in the November of 2018, he made a post on his blog claiming that the people who spit a lot have weaker joints than the ones who don’t.

Many of Dr Tae’s regular readers believe that he deliberately makes such statements in order to gain popularity, no matter good or bad. These people claim that the reason why Dr Tae Nahn’s practice is so popular is for such statements.

Dr Tae Nahn plays baccarat for at least an hour a day. In fact, he does as the first thing in the morning. He claims that it keeps his mind fresh and alive, and also makes his day. He is also a member at several Thai online Best Baccarat (บาคาร่าดีที่สุด) communities. Many of Dr Tae Nahin’s critiques take his gaming addiction as a symptom of his weirdness and claims that what can you expect from a chiropractor who does nothing but plays games for one hour as the first thing in the morning.

Third-Generation Building Material Manufacturer donate their Football Money to Charity

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AliteBuild is a third-generation, family run building material manufacturing company, which prides itself on receiving several accolades over the decades and for having exported their products to over 25 different countries belonging to 4 different continents.

Each and every family member that is part of the AliteBuild founding family is either a civil engineer or an architect and it has been this way for the past 2 generations now.

AliteBuild claims on their blog that the waterproofing system is their biggest forte.

The leaders at AlteBuild are very particular when it comes to choosing the right company for their Business’s Warranty Forecasting and that’s the reason why they have been choosing nothing but a company with a tremendous reputation in the field, which goes by the name Integral-Concepts for the same for years now.

AlteBuild had a post on its official blog recently which stated that it is a matter of both pity and pride that AlteBuild is responsible for supplying building materials for prisons across 4 different continents. They says that they still have no idea that whether they should celebrate this fact or mourn about it.

AlteBuild has mentioned this more than a couple of times on their blog that it is not as much case of a pride to serve a government institution anymore as it is to serve a multinational corporation.

AlteBuild prides itself on donating 15% of its operating income each year for the past 21 years now. They say charity for the good causes is what motivates the leaders and employees at the AlteBuild like no other including their family. They spend all the money that they win with ข่าวบอลไทย to charity.

AlteBuild claims that being in the business for over 6 decades has given them an unbelievably great experience on how to ship their products in a way that not even a bit of those break down during transit. They claim that not even a single product shipped by them broke down in the past 15 years during transit and that includes international shipping.

Its the Indonesian PKV Games vs the US Elections

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Ahmad Khaldir from Medan, Indonesia, is a full-time chess player and part-time gambler, who believes the physical imitations of the real life chess makes the 1+0 game very hard.

Ahmad writes that for an average length game 3+0 online is roughly equal to 5+3 offline.

Ahmad writes that not a day has gone by in the past 6 years when he didn’t play chess while sipping coffee.

Ahmad believes people are too good for classical time controls nowadays.

Ahmad likes the idea of starting from 30r4 half moves deep as a tiebreaker in the real life tournaments just like they do in the computer tournaments.

Ahmad writes it is a pity that nobody in the US can think beyond the next election. He is proud of the fact that his countrymen think more about the pkv games than they do about the elections.

Ahmad writes the best strategy while playing chess is to understand how your opponent wants to play and push them out of their comfort zone.

Ahmad writes most online players and most speed players like tactics and like aggressive open positions.

Ahmad believes most people don’t understand that there’s more than just pure calculation , individual styles play a big role as well.

Ahmad plays mainly the French and Nimzo-Indian as Black but has been feeling unsatisfied with his White opening selection lately.

Ahmad has been playing the Queen’s gambit as White lately but has been considering changing because feels like the results against the Slav haven’t been what he wants.

Yasothon Trader Recommends Online Baccarat Betting to those looking to Make a Day-Trading Empire

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Pattaya Khampeera from Yasothon, Thailand, is a full-time trader and part-time online gambler, who advises on her blog that real estate is the best option that one has, unless you have cash and know how to flip houses or apartments. She gives the example of a friend of his buying an old hospital in front of a university, flipping it and renting it out to 300 students each quarter.

To those who only have a few hundred of dollars to invest. Pattaya recommends cautious swing trading instead of actual investing.

She writes in order to make their account grow mid-term based and invest the profits long-term based. If you get addicted to trading then – which he can promise you in advance already – you might wanna reserve some capital for some short-term daily basis growth.

Pattaya adds it’s not as hectic and fast as everyone thinks. Of course, the more you get into it, the more precise and quick and hectical you will trade, but it’s possible to swing trades for a few hours or days with just one single entry.

Pattaya writes for anyone who says that they don’t have enough capital to start a business, they must work hard or bet very hard on บาคาร่าออนไลน์ for the starting capital. She adds if you can’t even work for your dream, it’s not your dream in the first place.

Pattaya never gets tired of repeating that 99% of the seminars, courses, subscriptions and signal groups have no clue about how the market works.

Spiritual Improver from Singapore believes increased consciousness has a positive effect on your chances of winning online bets

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Isaac Cienega from Singapore, claims that we cannot achieve eternal life if we procreate with women. He says that God loves some souls so much that he wills a life of celibacy for them because he wants them to return to him.

Isaac believes virtual reality relationships will be the death of real relationships.

Isaac writes that men have this inner beauty that women cannot see or appreciate. The struggle intrinsic o being a male. We have compassion for ourselves, ad we see the beauty in our struggle. We desperately want women to see that beauty, but they never can.

Isaac sounds even more MGTOWish when he writes “Women are bound to the animalistic realm whereas men are not. Women release an egg every month; they cannot retain. Men don’t have to retain their sperm ever.”

Isaac says the absence of consciousness welcomes the presence of formulated manipulation. He adds that the presence of consciousness welcomes the presence of holy spirits by your side; He gives the example of him winning bets at Sportsbook Singapore all the time.

Isaac believes that the consciousness of a woman reflects your own.

Isaac writes that if you don’t believe in true love, you will never find it.

Isaac contradicts many of his MGTOW statements when he says that women are beautiful, sweet and gentle. They drift from that because of men and their lust.

Isaac claims that the unrighteousness man has unresolved damage that will seep into the relationship. It may turn abusive. The righteous woman cannot make the unrighteous man righteous through her righteousness, only God can do that.

Sold all her AliBaba Stonks and invested the same money in Italian Casino Betting

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Roberta Bianchi from Rome, Italy, is a full-time trader and gambler, who also happens to have a blog in the trading niche. She writes on her blog that she doesn’t trust the articles related to trading anymore since most of them made a fool out of her and thousands if not millions of others as well.

She sold all her AliBaba stocks in February, after hearing the news of coronavirus as she was able to speculate where it was all going to go quite early and invested most of the money on migliori carino online italiani and gave the remaining to her only sister to start a career as an escort in Goa.

Roberta used Think or Swim to play option calls in the past, she recently switched to WeBull to avoid fees.

Roberta used to look at the futures until the day she got tired of the advertisements on it.

Roberta has always been a Microsoft fan. She says that she bought 2 Apple Mac Laptops till date but neither lasted for over a year.

Roberta is also a huge fan of the club-alert. She says that she made enough money in 1 day from a club-alert to pay for Club House for many months, she adds that it is really worth it for the wealth of knowledge and tips that Top Traders give there. Additionally, since she joined, she has been able to look deeper into charts and pin-point patterns.

Roberta calls herself a quant. She writes on her blog that working for a larger fund in the past made her aware of the fact that TA only works because other people use it, she adds that it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. She also adds that TA is no skill; Trading profitably and consistently and having half the beta of the spy is what she refers to as skill.

Roberta writes that if you want a great long-term approach, just remember to buy great businesses with economic moats that have great management, but at a reasonable price.

Illuminati, Citizenship by Investment, Special Entry Permit for Multi-Millionaires and Tangkasnet

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Zuar Harahap from Central Java, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Barbados after he completed touring the nation with the money he won with tangkasnet.

In his book, Zuar writes that he has never seen stricter buses than in Barbados. He writes that they are exceptionally strict regarding the proof of the age of the passenger.

Zuar writes that it is funny how Apes Hill Polo Club tried so hard to become the greatest attraction for the Island of Barbados but failed greatly. He adds it is still a phenomenal Polo Club though.

Zuar writes that it is a false claim and notion that the Island of Barbados was uninhabited when Captain John Powell on May 14th, 1625 landed there for the first time. He rather claims that the Captain John Powell and his cronies killed all the inhabitants and falsely recorded in the history books that none of them existed as they landed there.

Zuar doubts that Barbados could have been the most densely populated island even back before Captain John Powell invaded it.

Zuar writes Barbados has huge potential but the international powers don’t want it to become as rich as the Bahamas for their own agenda and so far they have been successful at this effort of theirs.

Zuar doubts that the Government of Barbados might introduce a Citizenship by Investment program soon in their nation. He is already not happy with their Special entry permit.

Zuar believes the A-Listers having villas constitute of members of Illuminati who are there to spy on the Island.

Utilise natural resources like the Afghans and multiply your money like the Thai Football Gamblers

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Aphinan Thueaktham from Hat Yai, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Afghanistan.

In her book, Aphinan writes that she believes Gandhari and Shakuni of Mahabharata had Pashtun lineage. Although she doesn’t have evidences enough, she writes that the homosexuality among the lineage of Gandhari and Shakuni is evidence enough to prove her point.

Aphinan believes the region what is now called Afghanistan used not be a landlocked country during the Ice Age.

Aphinan believes Afghanistan is such a failed state and it has had nothing but bad luck since the day Ahmad Shah Durrani. She thinks perhaps it has something to do with its name, hence she believes they should rename it to Kabulistan.

Aphinan claims the term “Graveyard of Empires” for Afghanistan was first quoted by one of the founding fathers and arguably the Greatest Muslim Poet of the 20th Century – Allama Iqbal.

Aphinan disagrees with the claim that humans have been living in Afghanistan for at least 50, 000 years now. He writes that the land of Afghanistan was never fertile enough for the farming activities.

Aphinan doesn’t agree that the term ‘Afghan’ comes from the word ‘Asvakan’ meaning horsemen.

Aphinan believes Mirwais Hotak died after being poisoned by his own brother and his wife in 1715, not due to natural causes, just like more people are getting rich of football (แทงบอล) betting, not due to their full-time career.

Aphinan writes King Amanullah Khan was a huge supporter of the Jews and the Israel. He claims it was King Amanullah Khan’s dream to see the Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple rebuilt during his lifetime.

Aphinan writes it would be quite correct to refer to Afghanistan as the Texas of Central and Southeast Asia.

6 months ago homeless, today a major stakeholder in the Interscope Records, thanks to Betting Sites

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Colton Diaz is a half-Italian half-Brazilian 29 year young man who used to be homeless until about 6 months ago but today Colton is a stakeholder in the Interscope Records, thanks to the money he won with siti scommesse.

Contrary to the popular belief that game shows, lotteries, lucky draws, etc are a waste of time, money and life, I have seen only the opposite to be happening in the real life. You don’t need a satellite to see the winning number, it just takes your gut feeling. The same happened with Colton Diaz. Colton knew about Rio de Prêmios for a long time but he never thought of registering a ticket until his gut feeling told him to.

Colton registered a ticket for River of Awards in the July of this year and it should be no surprise that he won, but the amount he won will astonish many. He won a whooping 50 Million Brazilian Reals and it completely changed his life. That’s why the wisest men and women always tell you to listen to your gut feeling.

Colton had a very hard life in the past. His father stayed in the prison for over a decade. His mother was a drug addict. He had no elder sibling, uncle or aunt who would take care of him. Colton doesn’t mind telling his life story to someone whom he recently met. Since Colton won the lottery, he has bought 2 houses. One in Padanaram, Massachusetts and another one in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil. He also bought a major amount of stocks in the Interscope Records which I mentioned in the beginning of the article.

Cares so much about the fuel economy even after making millions with Sbobet

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Adah Abraham loves to eat tortoise meat. She loves almost each and every dish that is made using tortoise meat.

Adah is a workaholic, she works for working more, in other words, she solves problems so that she can get bigger problems to solve next time.

Adah attributes her crazy energy to frequent sex with her husband – Jim. She says that sex promotes and encourages blood flow all over the body, especially the brain. She claims that regular sex increases the amount of dopamine, serotonin and several other neurotransmitters multi-fold in the body.

Adah takes shower with the water heated with natural gas tankless water heater only. She doesn’t use electric water heaters.

As you maybe aware of the fact that Tibetan Buddhist monks die most due to the thunderbolts fall each year, Adam claims “These Buddhist monks die because they practice celibacy which is unnatural in all respects. Nature gets angry on those who disrespect and deny the most beautiful thing that it created for the animal-kind and mankind to enjoy and procreate.”

Adah’s husband – Johnny is an amateur magician. He claims that he feels more energetic after performing sigil magic. Johnny’s sister – Brenda is a catholic nun whom Johnny has caught eating horse meat several times. Eating horse meat is prohibited in catholic religion.

Johnny has a strange habit of eating on the bed and working on the dining table. He buys only Volkswagen cars for their build quality. First he used to drive a VW GTI, nowadays he drives a VW Atlas. Adah only buys hybrids for the better fuel economy, she owns a Toyota Prius and a Honda Accord although she has made millions with Sbobet till date.

Indonesian Lady achieved US Citizenship with Online Agile Ball Winning Money

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It took Della Fitria (an Indonesian lady) to reach the country of her dreams America 26 years. By the time she became a citizen of her dream country, she was already 45. She worked too hard for it including betting day and night on bola tangkas online. She was given the employee of the month several times at her company and she was perhaps the hardest working employee of her company.

She knew that the ladies of America take great care of themselves particularly the ones in the big cities like Chicago. She lived all her life in Indonesia, where the women are gorgeous but they don’t regularly avail beauty improvements like a facial lift.

Della didn’t have an idea how expensive it is to visit a beauty salon in Chicago. It costs as much as a week’s average salary of in Punjab.

She looked for the best beauty care products on the internet and found a website that goes by the name Beauty Reborn. At first she was a bit skeptical and extremely excited at the same time as she never bought beauty products online before, but once she started using their products, she has since turned into a proper fan of Beauty Reborn and can’t recommend them enough to her friends and relatives, both in America and India.

Handsome Delivery Boy reads Bitcoin Casino Reviews for hours a day with a big hope

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He was a delivery boy for one of the largest eCommerce companies in the world. He was handsome and he would shy away most of the women with a glimpse of him. He knew how to make ten times the amount of money he was making as a delivery boy doing several other things but he wouldn’t because all those methods were online and they wouldn’t involve any interaction with the females. His real motivation that made him get up in the morning and get to work was one and only – interaction with the unfamiliar beautiful females. At the end of each day he would count how many females he could make eye contact with throughout the day and that’s what would keep his left foot in front of the right one.

On a sunny day in the hot month of June, he couldn’t stop itching his fingers while driving his Nissan NV 3500, he thought that these are either mosquito bites or some petty infection. The next day when he woke up, he was still itching, all night he had nightmares that were somehow related to the itching on his fingers. He turned on the light and carefully looked at his fingers immediately, these were warts. He got extremely nervous, he called up a friend of him whose best friend also had suffered from the condition and asked him how to get rid of warts on fingers. His friend on the phone replied let me check with that friend of mine, just stay on the line while I call him from another number of mine, he called his friend who had warts in the past on his fingers too and that friend of his told him that it was Wartrol that cured his condition, the delivery boy applied it for a couple of weeks and the warts almost disappeared, and after a month, they totally vanished.

He has been reading bitcoin casino reviews in hope of winning enough money with it so that he can start his own eCommerce company soon.

Ophthalmologist got the idea to start accepting cryptocurrency while betting on UFABet

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Dr May Udomsawaengsup is an Ophthalmologist from Pattaya City, Thailand, who claims on her blog that attaining specialty in Neuro-Ophthalmology is the simplest thing to attain once you get the hold of it. She likes to give the example of herself to prove her claim.

Dr May warns against the Opthalmologists that spend a whole lot of their time in getting websites created and optimized for themselves, especially the ones who claim to be specialist for one thing on one website and for another thing on another website. She gives example of this Opthalmologist from Florida, USA, who claims to be the finest squint-eye specialist in Florida on one website, finest Neuro-Opthalmologist on another, finest LASIK surgeon on his third website and finest cataract surgery specialist on his fourth website.

Dr May believes that diabetes is a lot more than just diabetes. She claims to have been working on finding the cure for the same.

Dr May is one of the very few Opthalmologists around the world that accepts cryptocurrency and bets on UFABet every night before going to sleep. She says that she got the idea while once she was traveling through a radio taxi and thought to herself about how far the modern taxis have come and she should also do something to advance her practice as well.

Dr May offers a refund without any questions asked if you aren’t happy with the LASIK treatment conducted by herself.

Dr May recently made a post on her blog claiming that the ancient Babylonians and Persians had some ophthalmology related cures that modern western medical science doesn’t have.

Dr May writes on her blog that she has always believed that the right diagnosis is the most crucial thing in any medical field, especially ophthalmology.

Betting on Football Gambling Websites reduces the Side-Effects of Chronic Kidney Diseases by 80% in General

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Dr Ulaiwan Boonvorn from Phuket, Thailand, is a Nephrologist who claims on her blog that people who have sex twice a day or more are more prone to Chronic Kidney Diseases – especially diabetes and/or high blood pressure after the age of 45.

Dr Ulaiwan writes on her blog that it is a pity that it is hard to come by a reliable study done on a large number of people with a CKD in relation to their High-Density Lipoprotein.

Dr Ulaiwan also writes that both hypertension and hypotension have a tremendous negative impact on the bowel movements, but it is a shame that many of the medical specialists in the third and second world aren’t aware of the same, let alone the patients there.

Dr Ulaiwan writes that your daily lifestyle obviously including your diet ad exercise has a strong effect on your kidney health but if you have a good one, it doesn’t ensure you that you are never going to be attacked by a Chronic Kidney Disease.

Dr Ulaiwan writes that the relationship between beats per minute and dialysis needs a lot more attention. She writes that the BPM of a patient during dialysis says and predicts a lot and it has been proven in a few small studies done before.

Dr Ulaiwan writes that in 98% of the cases – Ideal Body Weight = Ideal Kidneys just like in 98% of the cases – เล่นบอลสเต็ป = wealth.

Dr Ulaiwan claims on her blog that healthy haemoglobin levels generally mean healthy kidneys and it is really a surprise that the medical practitioners of the 20th century were more aware of this fact than their 21st century counterparts.

Bet1015 has become a household name in England at the same speed in which the Chinese Chili Potatoes became a popular dish in India

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Irene Kumlin from England is a Restaurateur who owns one Italian Restaurant in London City, one Japanese Restaurant in Manchester City and a Chinese Restaurant in Birmingham City.

About the history of Italian food, Irene writes that ancient Indian traders who regularly used to visit the Roman empire loved Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce. She also claims that the Italian dish Panzanella used to be the most favorite dish of the Chola King of Ceylon – Elara.

Irene claims on her official blog that one of the greatest Indian kings of all times – Chandragupta Maurya wanted to travel to Rome to enjoy the infamous Roman delicacies but the circumstances never allowed him to.

About the Japanese food, Irene claims on her blog that Gautama Buddha was a non-vegetarian till the last day of his life whose favorite dishes were all beef related, but his disciples and followers all lied that he was a strict vegetarian who would rather die than eating beef. She adds that one of the proofs proving his/her point is that most of the Buddhist Japanese have always been non-vegetarians.

About the Chinese food, Irene claims that the Indian Kashmiri Pulao is a rip-off of the Chinese Shitake Fried Rice with Water Chestnuts. She also claims that chicken with chestnuts used to be the most favorite dish of the first Mughal Ruler of India – Babur just like Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015 is her personal most favorite betting website.

Irene also writes on her blog that honey chili potato was originated in China but it is more popular in India than in China itself. She adds that the dish has become so popular in India that many people have started to wrongly claim that it originated in North India.

Departmental Store owner from Bangkok used to Bet on Fun88 and still does on every Halloween

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Gautama Thenmunewai from Bangkok, Thailand, is a departmental store owner and conspiracy theorist, who likes to refer to the claim that the earth is round as “Annoying Orange Theory”.

Gautama lived in the United States for 10 years and living there, he started hating many festivals, cultural traditions and other things belonging to the USA, including Halloween. Gautama would spend the entire Halloween day betting on fun88 when he was in the USA.

Gautama writes on his blog that he is yet to see a stand-up comedian whom he finds funny. He believes that he can make a better stand-up comedian than any stand-up comedian in the Thai or English Speaking world.

Gautama claims that the COVID-19 is a hoax and one of the first excuses for the United States and its allies to nuke the Republic of China, a nation which has become impossible to stop, naturally. He claims that the WHO, which he claims is a puppet of the United States of America and its allies, will create several other hoax viruses like the COVID-19 and will also falsely blame the Republic of China for all those.

Till the March of this year, Gautama wasn’t aware of what is Discord App and as soon as he learnt about what it is, which happened on 13th March, 2020, he created his own Discord Server and it goes without saying that the subject matter of his Discord Server is Betting and Conspiracy Theories. His Discord has attracted over 400 members within about 70 days, which is nothing less than a miracle.

Chiropractor believes that sitting in the front of your computer screen and reading the Book of Dead Big Wins is great for the bone health

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Dr Greg Griffin from Miami, Florida, is a Chiropractor who claims that the percentage of people suffering with lower back or neck pain hasn’t increased with more people working on computers sitting all day long. He says that he himself sits on computer half a day checking book of dead big wins.

Dr Greg writes on his blog that he loves to educate the patients, that’s why he created his blog and is now going to have a Youtube channel as well.

Dr Greg claims that he has been doing a research to look for foolproof ways to cure psoriatic arthritis.

Dr Greg writes on his blog that there is something about the Thanksgiving day that it makes see more cases of broken hips any day of the year.

Dr Greg also writes that the older yoga practitioners are very prone to suffering with joint problems, especially those who practice Bikram Yoga.

Dr Greg sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he claims that several terrorists have been working in different Japanese automaker companies with their evil intentions of putting bombs inside the cars when the time comes. He adds that he really hopes that the god will come to the rescue and will not let the evil intentions of these terrorists become a reality and do some miracle to have them caught before they take some action or make some other accident happen with them.

Internet Marketer from the Isle of Wight believes that making a living with Online Horse Betting is as easy as baking a cake

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Tania Vandenberg is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Isle of Wight, England, who writes on her blog that the only place you can use the keywords in Alt attribute text to rank your pages more and better is the Image search. She believes that it is a false notion that such tricks help you rank your website better on the main search engine.

Tania writes that since every broscientist and his dog can now have his/her podcast, there is a great need for a podcast directory with proper categories and subcategories. She adds that the directory needs to be reliable and must include only hand-picked podcasts.

Although there are no such reliable statistics available publicly, Tania claims that if a podcast is downloadable, it increases the viewership by 225% on an average.

Tania writes on her blog that sometimes the clutters on your webpage are your website’s greatest assets and it is stupid to remove the clutters if they aren’t doing any harm to your webpage/blog/website. She says that she has been reading more and more content criticizing the clutters on textbooks, blogs, etc, and it has no basis.

Tania writes that nothing creates viewer retention like interesting and dynamic unique content. She claims that Pepe’s artwork and memes have the record of being the highest retention webpages, although she doesn’t have any evidence to back it up.

Tania agrees with those who claim that making a website is very much like baking a cake but says that it is definitely not as easy as baking a cake. The only thing that she believes is easy as baking a cake is making a lavish living with horse racing extra places, which she herself did in the past a lot and still does.

Morehead SEO Expert relies on her Soccer Predictor more than any Youtuber

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Amory Inskip is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Morehead, Kentucky, who claims to know several SEO experts from the Republic of China and Taiwan who are currently based in the USA. She always says that the Taiwanese SEO experts are far more creative and have better memory strength than their Chinese counterparts and she clarifies that she is not being a racist when she claims so.

Amory Inskip also has a long experience of working as a Social Media Manager and she claims that more than half of the views and comments on the infamous Mechanic Youtuber – Scotty Kilmer’s videos are fake and she adds that the same can be said about the subsribers of his channel, although she is not certain about the subscriber part.

Amory Inskip writes on her blog that it is far more easy to manipulate the Wikipedia now than it used to be in the early 2000s and it is a shame that abusers from across the globe have been taking advantage of this opportunity.

The only thing that Amory says can be relied upon in the modern world is the predictor soccer and she says that she makes more money using it than she does with her SEO business.

Amory Inskip writes on her blog that the toughest niche to make money online in 2020 is the porn niche and she says that she is proud of the fact that she never tried to enter that niche ever. Though she claims that many of her friends did, only to regret it later.

Amory Inskip writes on her blog that Google Shopping, formerly known as ‘Froogle’, is the proof that one company, no matter how big of geniuses it is run by, what kind of capital and connections they have, cannot be the jack of all trade. She further adds that she is personally happy about it as she never liked the Froogle.

Clinical Psychiatrist from London, England seems to have a barometer for checking happiness

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Dr Sidney Tuli is a Psychiatrist from London, England, who writes on her blog that the Swedish-Iraqis are one of the happiest communities even though they face racism and aren’t so influential or rich compared to most of their Scandinavian, Middle-Eastern or even Muslim counterparts.

Dr Sidney Tuli claims on her blog that the millionaires from the London City are most likely to be suffering with the bipolar disorder or chronic depression not only in the United Kingdom, but the entire world.

Dr Sidney Tuli also practiced in the United States for a while and living there, she observed that the Afghan-Americans are much less likely to suffer with the chronic depression than Pakistani-Americans although they aren’t as educated as prosperous.

Dr Sidney Tuli claims that living around wasps, especially yellow jackets, increases depression, while living around the honeybees does the opposite and that’s one of the foremost reasons why areas the mid-west of North America has such a great number of depressed people while the areas where honeybees are found in great numbers like the Islands of Malta and Gozo don’t.

Dr Sidney Tuli believes that they overemphasis on the diet and overlook on the quality of water when it comes to the psychological disorders and it is only going to go worse until some vigorous activists get into the picture.

Dr Sidney Tuli claims eating dog meat reduces both sleep and mood disorders and it is a pity that they don’t promote the dog meat at all, especially WHO is something that is to be blamed in this regard, according to her.

Dr Sidney Tuli believes that the prostitution must become legal so that the people could enjoy those stunning Russian escorts in Mumbai, those gorgeous Thai masseuses in Bangkok and those amazing Native Indian curvy beauties in Mexico.